What if …

The response to Stop the Silence has been staggering. The speed at which it was shared speaks to the size of the Epidemic of Addiction slithering through our neighborhoods and stealing our loved ones.

Many have asked how they can help, others have asked how to get help. Much needs to change for the tide of Addiction to turn. Gloucester MA is at the front of the charge. They have created an Angel Program to help addicts instead of jailing them.

We must admit this Epidemic is hiding in our communities. We need to recognize that families from all walks of life are re-enacting the same play behind different doors in cities, suburbs and small towns alike. We plead, sob, and scream to our addicts and to each other from a battle-worn script as we live our shared nightmare. Addiction is stealing the future of so many and decimating the lives of everyone who loves them. We need to step out from behind the doors and come together to help one another.

What if… everyone who chooses to Speak the Truth posted their own stories on their personal Facebook pages? What if… recovering addicts started a Facebook page or group for their individual town, school campus or community? The page could be a way for those who want to Stop the Silence to connect and Start the Conversation. Instead of family members and addicts suffering in silence, they could connect with someone in their own town or neighborhood. Local resources could be posted. What if… more people began to understand how insidious this epidemic has become? What if… Addiction finally emerged from the shadows of its stigma and the nation put its might toward solving the #1 health crisis in America today?

The words I posted on this blog and shared on my personal Facebook page have been viewed over a quarter of a million times since June 4. My post was circulated one share at time. What if… we can each help turn the tide of Addiction one share at a time?

Your Words have Power.

Stop the Silence.

Speak your Story.

Save a Life.

One Share at a Time.

One Day at a Time.

I am posting a new page with links to local resources. This is a sampling of established community programs created to help addicts begin the daunting process of finding their way out of the Abyss. Post your stories, create a facebook page, share resources in your community and reach out to groups in your area. Add your voice to the Conversation! Together we can Stop the Silence!
Thank you,
Patricia Byrne

8 thoughts on “What if …

  1. I agree, most things like these come from a childhood. And while it used to be about parents ignoring kids, now it is about what kids see and follow as a normal behavior. I don’t want to sound boring, but it really creeps me out what children are able to see online nowadays. It is not even porn but actual promotion of drugs, sex and violence. Most teen celebrities smoke and drink in their musical videos, which I am sure affects our children as they copy everything their idols do. Plus, it is very difficult to know where our kids are and whom are they talking to when we are not around.

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    1. We should simply control what our children see online with parental controls. There are so many: funamo, mobicip, pumpic.com Restrict them from visiting 18+ websites and chatting with strangers, I bet it will help big time


  2. Community leaders need to let children at a young age that it is ok to report drug use and especially drug dealing in school. The concept of stranger danger has been successful and this could work as well. Dealers are a huge part of the problem and cannot be allowed to operate undeterred in our communities.. Thank you, Paul

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  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad to see that there are at least some people (Angel Program) who understand that when a person is living with an addiction, they need help and compassion, not jail and punishment. My addiction was never heroin or alcohol, yet it’s grip on me was just as fierce. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Susan

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  4. Hi Pat,
    What Gloucester is doing is all over the news!! Channel 5. ABC. Every news cast & every hr is broadcasting the Opiod epidemic!!
    I have a call into someone now so I can help out in Canton! I have to!! We all need to stop this now!!!!!! In honor of those who lost the battle & those that continue to fight every single day!!!
    Also… Many police departments have contacted Gloucester to help them institute this program!!!!!!


    1. My son just left here a few minutes ago. His first visit to back to the town he grew up and got addicted in since he got sober 17 months ago. I was scared. So many of his friends are gone. There but for the grace of god … I relate to every single word in the article ~ I did too much and then did I do too little. How could I have allowed what I did to go on in my house … and I count myself (today) among the lucky. He decided at 22 ~ his brain decided ` he was ready. There were several tries. I still do too much for him. And for my other son. It’s so hard to love with limits. He came and he left. Still sober. Committed today. He is so wise in some ways, and still so young in others. We can look back and assess realistically as you did, and help others to see the potential pitfalls. But there is also little reason and little rhyme for why ~ and why some recover and others die. Blessings …


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