Drug Addiction: Maybe My Kid

Grown and Flown is a blog for families with children ages 15-25. It’s a great resource for those navigating new landscape as their role changes from raising small children to becoming the parents of young adults. The blog covers a myriad of subjects related to our older ‘kids’ including everything high school, college applications, as well as what to expect through the college years and beyond.

I was honored when Grown and Flown asked if I would write a few words about addiction for their parents. No matter how we try, we cannot keep the big bad world at bay forever, our kids will step out into it. How we will handle the big bad world if our kids bring it home is what we we need to think about – before it happens.

Please check out my post, Drug Addiction: What Parents Need to Know. While you’re there, feel free to click around and explore their great content!

They also have a Facebook page you can follow.

Thank you Grown and Flown! It was an honor to work with you.

Comment here: Stop the Silence.

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