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Kate Meyer of I Am Not Anonymous wrote a powerful blog post about the UNITE to Face Addiction rally in DC, The Day the Silence Ended . Don’t skip the link at the bottom of the article to the photo gallery. Amazing photos – she really captured the day!

6 thoughts on “UNITE to Face Addiction article and accompanying photo

  1. Hi Patricia, My name is Bill McCarthy, I am not an addict. I am not even related to any one that is an addict, but I do know people going through a terrible time with the epidemic. I am the principal of a new start up called Maintain, Monitor, and Control. We have in development a product that will be instrumental in controlling prescription drugs, specifically new prescriptions for opioid based painkillers. Basically it is a container that will work as a holder for a prescription bottle. The only way the container can be opened is with a smart phone and an app that will use a pin to open the container. The goal is to control prescription opioid based painkillers so our young adults and teens cannot get a hold of one, single pill. The sad truth is that the pharmacuetical industry are not going to stop producing these opioid based painkillers and Doctors are not going to stop prescribing them. What we want to do is produce this container, that will have a locking device, be locatable using GPS technology, will alert the “custodian” if the container is even touched and subsequently act as a locked device, similar to the locked liquor cabinet that people like us or from our generation are familiar with. As you already know many heroin addicts start with a prescribed drug, whether their own or a family members. We all know from the stories we hear all it takes is one “taste” of an opioid based drug and many young people are hooked. I’d like to think I am being a bit melodramatic but evidence tells me differently. My product will work with PMP program and I’ll give you an example of how; Patient receives a prescription for a 30 day supply of an opioid painkiller. Along with the prescription they receive the “container” and simple instructions on the app which they will download to their smart phone (95% of Americans own a smart phone). Every time they or someone under their care requires a dose the container is opened, the dose is taken, the prescription bottle is put back into the container which is locked when the plunger lock is activated. The only way to open the container us with a PIN number that only the responsible party has. If the person has a 30 day supply and is to take one pill every day at bedtime then data will record every time the container is opened and this data will be shared with the PMP. A responsible person will follow the protocol, no loose pills, no missing pills, no access to pills, no self dosing (taking one extra pill) or it will show in the data. More importantly, if mom has the prescription she won’t have to worry that a member of her household will take one of her pills. The technology that will be embedded in the container would alert mom even if the container is simply moved let alone opened without permission. The container will be composed of a smart textile that will alert the smart phone if it is touched or moved and can only be opened using a PIN. I am only giving you the abbreviated version but I would love some feedback from you. We are in the very beginning phase and are looking for a grant to develop the product, we have the patent filed, we have validation that it is a great idea. We strongly believe health care providers will be interested as well as the big pharmacy companies like CVS, Walgreens etc. I am reaching out to front liners like yourself to make up an advisory committee.

    Think of this, if we can stop just one teen/young adult from experiencing the first taste we will be making an impact. There is a staggering statistic out there that something like 20,000 young people get their first taste of an opioid based painkiller from their own medicine cabinet or from a friends or acquaintance at a party. 20,000! That number is huge. Here are some others that you may be familiar with; there are 259 million opioid based painkiller prescriptions written annually, the opioid based painkiller industry represents 8 billion U.S. Dollars! Recently the pharmacuetical industry issued a new commercial on TV addressing constipation associated with taking a opioid based painkiller. You know when they are advertising a drug to ease this problem that comes with taking opioids that it is an “industry” within itself that will not go away anytime soon. As we both know treating pain is a major component of healthcare and patient satisfaction, gone are the days when a Tylenol/codeine was the strongest thing you would receive. I sincerely believe my product will cut the epidemic in half and bring more awareness to the problem. Hopefully we can find the grant that we need to get the company off the ground. If, in your circles you know of anyone that could help please pass my e mail along to them, and please let me know if you have any time to talk with me and I can tell you more about the idea and where it came from. And lastly I think this will be subsidized by the healthcare companies and major pharmacies. The cost to them could be as little as 20.00 compared to thousands and not to mention the pain, anguish, anxiety and devastation mant families experience.

    Please pardon any errors, it’s late for me and I really wanted to hear your thoughts.


    Bill McCarthy

    On Friday, October 23, 2015, Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth. wrote:

    > Patricia Byrne posted: ” Kate Meyer of I Am Not > Anonymous wrote a powerful blog post about the UNITE to Face Addiction > rally in DC, The Day the Silence Ended . Don’t skip the link at the bottom > of the art”

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      1. I think this is a wonderful idea. Good luck with it. What else needs to be done to get this container out there. Can I ask you something………do you think the gov. is making addicts?


        1. Not sure about the government making addicts but regarding getting the container out there we are searching for funding. We have a solution, it is complex but it could work. It involves the cooperation of healthcare, pharmacy companies and perhaps big pharma. Because it involves healthcare, the government will get involved. Thanks for responding, we need all the help we can get. Remember, everyday a young person gets their first taste of an ovoid because of a loose pill.


      2. Hi Patricia,
        Thank you for responding. We are trying as hard as we can to find funding, or an angel investor. Meanwhile, your website is helpful. It educates me and helps me understand that this disease is truly awful. Hearing from the people involved directly is very motivating. If my product can get out there I strongly feel it would reduce the amount of young people getting any loose pills. We have developed a program that involves maintaining, monitoring, and controlling pills. It incorporates healthcare,pharmacy companies and even possibly big pharma. We need advocates and we need help. Thank you again.


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