To inhale.

The author of this post recently lost her brother to the epidemic. Her description of Addiction  is a must-read. Anyone who ever wondered ‘why can’t they just stop?’ please read this article. 
Titled ‘to inhale’, the writing is so powerful I held my breath as I read. An incredible piece with an important message.  

To live under the inexplicably heavy cloak of addiction is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. While I’ve never experienced it first hand and won’t pretend that I ever have, I’ve fought along side of someone who has for many years. It is obvious that it is a battle, day in and day out. Every morning, every moment, is a fight as to whether or not you will supply your body with the very thing it has become dependent on to survive.

For you, heroin was air.

We don’t think twice about breathing. Our brains have deemed it necessary because it satisfies a need. Immediately following our entrance into this world our tiny bodies searched for an element we didn’t yet know existed. We stumbled upon our first breath of oxygen in an attempt to let out a scream, and noticed an instant, overwhelming attraction to this feeling of…

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