Very Important 60 Minutes Segment!

We have all heard parts of this story. We have read of pharmacies in small towns in  Kentucky, W Virginia and other states ordering millions of opioids. 60 Minutes puts the pieces together….. (link below)

Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress 85 BILL WHITAKER CBS NEWS

11 thoughts on “Very Important 60 Minutes Segment!

  1. I was told that Jennifer is on the side of the road across the hwy from Grace Market place in Gainsville, Fl. She is sitting there with all of her belongings lined up beside her homeless helpless and oh so loved….does she even know? I’m going to send the court authorities out there this morning to pick her up. We’ll take it from there…
    Peace from Sherryville


  2. I saw the segment and was sickened! Now what?? The whisleblowers were fired and the congressman was put in a position of power by our current president… Now what?


    1. Write and phone your Senators and Congressmen. Spread the word. Write the White House (tweet Trump!). Trump has already had to respond to the segment. We need to keep up the pressure! Let’s get the President to have actions follow the words he’s spoken today.


  3. We lost our Son in 2015. I am just sickened by this news. God help us all. So many many more are going to die from addition. Generations gone. Why doesn’t anyone care. Why is the US in such turmoil? What has happened to caring and loving and family and Faith? Money is evil. It needs to stop.

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    1. I lost my son too. He ended up being poisoned by Fentanyl. What an up and down life he had. I still can’t believe he is gone. I am so sorry for your lose as I know it is hard and the pain never goes away. Xo


  4. My 39 yr old daughter has lost everything except her life to the disease of Addiction..she has lost her mind Body & soul. She has lived homeless…by the streets of a city in northern Florida. She is now in County jail for attacking & biting another woman. This may be the turning point that saves her life?! I need any & all the help I can get in getting her into ANY rehabilitation availble..please contact me

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      1. Well Trish Jennifer was released a couple of days ago on Pre trial release…that was the court calling looking for her. She …once again…is MIA..this will violate her pre trial and the good Lord willing will be remanded back into custody


        1. Hang in there Mama. Finally they call you back when they can’t find her…..
          I would suggest calling the number I gave you and learning what you can so you have the info at the ready when the opportunity arises. Godspeed. I hope she calls you soon 💕


  5. Reeling after watching this horror show. Marino as drug czar!!First thing is in the morning I am calling my broker to be sure I do not own any stock in Cardinal,McKesson or AmerisourceBergen’s.
    A March on Washington to demand repeal of this bill. After losing my daughter, I have been torn between never wanting to hear another word about opiates to wanting desperately to create change. I am sure that I am not alone with his feeling so I urge everyone affected by addiction to act.

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