Trish ByrnePatricia Byrne is the mother of three. Her oldest son Kurt is in long term recovery. She raised her children in Canton MA and presently lives in Palm Harbor FL.

I thought heroin addiction had already hit home with everything my family has been through – but it just keeps on punching – and punching- and punching. Addiction hides everywhere; it stalks from gutters to mansions and from middle schools to the workplace. I wrote down my thoughts after heroin took the life of one of the boys from my old neighborhood. When my son Kurt read ‘Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth. Start the Conversation.’ he suggested I post it. That was the birth of this blog.

It is time to Stop the Silence. Please share my words if it helps to Start the Conversation. I am amazed every day at how Kurt is finding his way out of Addiction one day at a time. I learn something from him every time we speak.

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  1. Hi there, I am very sorry for all of you for your troubles and losses. I understand addiction. I know about it. But I think there is an important difference between having an addiction or having another disease and it is the moment that one decides to take some form of drug. Alcohol, weed, pills, heroin or whatever. Even though I think that some people get addicted and many others do not, I think it is different from getting cancer, alzheimer or other diseases. Most of the times there is not a moment of choice.

    And therefor I believe we should look for solutions before people get addicted. In my perspective it may be that there is a lot of pressure on people in the USA to perform and the be ‘the best they can be’. We all must be ‘special and be outstanding’. What is wrong with just being ok. Being nice. Being all right.
    In the US you can drive a car or join the army before you can legally order a beer.
    It is very important to us how well our kids do in school, how popular they are, how good at sports.
    Perhaps we should put less emphasis on those things. We are all special and being sort of average is not such a bad thing.


  2. Yesterday my son the addict tried to kill me. My brother saved my life. The addict thrown me like a rag doll then choked me. I no longer have a son. Sometimes you have to give up the fight…..15 years is too long I am done.


      1. Thank you. This was the lowest point, my heart was crushed. But life continues and I will be brave and strong…..but always looking over my shoulder. Many lives were affected that day, you are so right. Again thank you.


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