Trish ByrnePatricia Byrne is the mother of three. Her oldest son Kurt is in long term recovery. She raised her children in Canton MA and presently lives in Palm Harbor FL.

I thought heroin addiction had already hit home with everything my family has been through – but it just keeps on punching – and punching- and punching. Addiction hides everywhere; it stalks from gutters to mansions and from middle schools to the workplace. I wrote down my thoughts after heroin took the life of one of the boys from my old neighborhood. When my son Kurt read ‘Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth. Start the Conversation.’ he suggested I post it. That was the birth of this blog.

It is time to Stop the Silence. Please share my words if it helps to Start the Conversation. I am amazed every day at how Kurt is finding his way out of Addiction one day at a time. I learn something from him every time we speak.

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  1. Thank you Patricia, the stigma of addiction is slowly but surely being revealed. Thanks to you and others. We all need to continue to share our experiences, our feelings and our understanding of addictions. Hopefully it will become easier for the person struggling to ask for and find the help they need. This will save lives. If I had known about my sons addiction Maybe I could’ve helped him. We lost him this past summer. That’s another story. Life changing to say the least. Maybe another time. The more I share my pain the less it seems to hurt. It’s an epidemic and I can’t just do nothing. I’m blessed with a large community of family and friends trying to work threw our loss together. #TogetherWeCanStopTheSilence


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