Warning: please watch for junk sites with poached content!

dollar signs

I often receive messages from people with links to content they feel I may be interested in sharing on our Facebook page. Recently a number of these links are bringing me to content stolen from this blog to junk sites riddled with ads.

Those of us touched by addiction are preyed upon from the moment we go onto the web looking for resources or treatment options.  It is for this reason I have no advertising on my blog. I have been approached by a number of companies looking to advertise everything from books, videos, for profit treatment facilities, and counseling services. Just today I received an offer for a pay per call link, where I would be paid for every call generated from my website to a treatment helpline. As we will be filing for a nonprofit soon, we could certainly use the money – but this is not the way.

Addiction is a hot topic online right now – my blog has had close to 3 million views, and our Facebook has just shy of 9K followers.  I don’t appreciate people finding another way to line their pockets with our pain.  I have always allowed any and all nonprofit and not for profit organizations and websites to share my words. Even as the ‘stolen content’ articles are being shared the message still gets out – and that is truly a good thing.

The sites I am writing about are created simply to generate revenue without doing any work.  We can, as consumers, become more aware of what we are sharing.

Please keep an eye out for these junk sites and don’t help them profit by taking advantage of us while poaching people’s work. They are easy to spot. Many of them have medical and health in their name. Much of the time the articles will be posted by ‘admin’, the post will be loaded with ads, and the article may cut off abruptly. If it is a site loaded with articles and none of them have a link back to the original post that is also a clue.

If you read an article from one of these sites that you want to share, please run a search for that title and find the original post.

Because I know how it feels to be preyed upon while in crisis, I never want to have readers of this blog feel like they are dollar signs. My blog is about Stopping the Silence. I pay for a WordPress Premium account so there are no ads on this blog – not even the ones generated on the free WordPress sites.

Readers have been asking for shirts since my first post last June. Once we are filed as a nonprofit we intend to sell t-shirts, bumper stickers, pins hats…. but not until then. If an organization has ads and is selling products, or has an ad to a helpline, please check to see if they are nonprofit – most nonprofits announce their status and EIN number anywhere and everywhere.  Be assured that the moment we are filed we will be shouting our status from the rooftops. If an organization is not doing so, it should be a red flag.

Please watch for junk sites and for profit sites.


A smattering of the sites who have published Heroin Stop the Silence stolen content:


















3 thoughts on “Warning: please watch for junk sites with poached content!

  1. I had a “fellow” blogger post one of my articles as her own – to facebook. Miserable people out there. Thank you for the work you do. Supporting a young friend in treatment, came across your page right at that time.

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    1. These junk sites are trolling our Facebbook sites for shares. I get at least five messages a day with requests to share these sites- and the profiles are fake. I refuse to share stolen content – these people are only in it for the $$ I hope we can get the word out in this scam.
      I hope your friend is doing well. Glad they are in treatment 💜💜💜


      1. I’m sorry you are spammed like that. Our young friend is a fighter. Working on herself, hoping to regain custody of her child. – Off to a salon today, being treat by the salon to a makeover. Blessed to know there are good people in this world.

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