The Fix for America’s Inferiority Complex (aka Drug Problem)

Flag photoBigger! Better! More! Win! Celebrity! Money! Power! Greed! Success! More! Bigger! Better! Compete! Win! More! More! More….

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of what America’s message to its citizens has become over the years. We as a country, albeit the media, corporations advertising, etc. have placed an enormous amount of praise on the almighty dollar instead of the almighty God. We’ve placed an emphasis on being more like Kim Kardashian and less like Mother Theresa.

America: We’re suffering from an inferiority complex and we’re abusing drugs when we can’t measure up. This Anxiety/Depression epidemic you created is the number one cause of drug addiction.

The expectations this country has placed on its people, specifically our youth, are almost impossible to reach. And the more we try to meet this standard America has created and we fail, the more we withdraw, the more we fret, the more inadequate we feel, the more we step on the toes of our enemies to reach that expectation, the more the guilt builds.. The more we want to escape the reality.

  • Anxiety- trying to meet a created expectation and worrying about the future.
  • Depression- feeling inadequate when that expectation is not met and fretting on the past.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is imperative that we strive for greatness in this country and push to be better, but at the same time, it’s just as imperative to teach us how to accept and be ok with who and where we are, accept ‘loss’, learn from these ‘losses’ and pick up and try again.

The Fix: A lot of questions have arisen on how to prevent addiction in our elementary and middle schools. What measures can we take, programs can we create, to prevent future drug addiction?

Well be prepared to turn a whole system, a whole country’s mindset, upside down if you really want to prevent future drug addiction. Actually, I change my mind. Really it’s quite a simple answer; remove the expectation of what they think they need to be or who they are told they need to be and teach them how to be ok with themselves. Build their foundation internally and they will not seek happiness from external sources. Change what their definition of success is. Change who their role models are. Teach them to think of others more than they think of themselves. Teach them to remain in the present. If this can be done, and you have successfully changed their thoughts, ideas and emotions, they will have no need to create a false sense of self, no need to be something they were not created to be, no need to compete with the next guy or girl, just a need to compete with themselves and become a better version of themselves day in and day out… The only foreseen challenge will be getting America and Society to follow suit.

Implementing the Fix: Great Steve. All sounds good, but how the hell can we possibly do this?

Teach our kids to be ok with themselves? Remove expectations? Build an internal foundation?? How?????

Building an internal foundation: Start putting more emphasis on almighty God instead of the almighty dollar. Steve not everyone believes in God… Ok, fair enough just switch out the word God with Love.

Start putting emphasis on Almighty Love instead of the almighty dollar. Teach kids to grow into a relationship with themselves through their understanding of God. Teach kids to grow into a relationship with themselves through their understanding of Love. Teach kids about God, what is God, how do we “God”? Teach kids about Love, what is Love, how do we “Love”?

  • The key ingredient of God is selflessness.
  • The key ingredient of Love is selflessness.

If we can teach our youth, I mean really really hammer home into their minds, to Love their neighbor as they Love themselves, they will instinctively know how to escape the trap of selfishness.

Teach kids to be ok with themselves: Zero in on their strengths, neglect weaknesses.

Once these strengths are recognized, hone them. Don’t tell them they need to be better at x,y and z. Forget x,y and z totally. There are 5.99 billion other people in this country that can be good at x, y and z, they don’t NEED to be. Thanks to America, our minds have been ingrained with this thought we need to be perfect all around – perfect at everything to succeed and compete and be the best. No! We were all created as we were and have been given special gifts and talents. Focus on them and them alone. The job is to find and bring out those talents. Hone them. Give them a concrete pride in their gifts and they will be more apt to accept their weaknesses which have not been brought to light.

Remove expectations: This is where America and Society needs to step up.

What we have created in this country is a disgusting inferiority complex. The emphasis America has placed on money, houses, cars, clothes, parties, booze, boats, Celebrity, etc.  make us believe these are things we need. False. These are things we want. What we need is simple. We can have none of the things we want if don’t have what we need. We need to  be grateful for what we have whether it is our health, our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our nose to breath and smell, our mouths to taste, talk and breath, our legs to stand, our feet to walk, our arms to be strong, our hands to touch and feel and our hearts to love and be loved. When we are thankful for these things and grateful for an opportunity at life, the happiness  we all seek will come to us. What we think we want, we don’t necessarily need. If we can stop feeling anxiety trying to attain ‘things’ then we can stop being depressed over things we can’t have. We will be OK.

If being OK is not what you’re looking for in life, I’d challenge you to ask yourself what it is your looking for? Then ask yourself, can I obtain this without the things I think I need from mentioned above? If the answer to the latter is ‘no’, then it’s time to reevaluate life.

Want to cure drug addiction? Cure America. The rest will start to fall into place.



About Stephen Gambale
I am a 32 year old who grew up in Medford. MA
I played baseball throughout my life and played baseball under a division 1 scholarship at the University of Maine.
I am now a successful realtor in the Back Bay of Boston, live on my own and can go where any free man or woman can go.
I also love to write freestyle, off the top of my head, so anything you read of mine is coming into my mind “real time”
I was offered a true and genuine path to freedom from addiction and I took it.
I’d like to offer my knowledge and time to those looking for the same freedom as well as insight to families.
God Bless

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